Six years ago today, it seems as though it was just yesterday, my father passed. Lung Cancer. He was 55. It seems as though it was just yesterday. Everything is still fresh in my mind. It seems as though it was just yesterday when he and I were playing golf, chatting about life, family, business, dreams, goals and hopes. It’s been 6 years. I still can’t believe it.

 Charleston Wedding Photographers Virgil Bunao My Father

 Virgilio E. Bunao
June 5, 1946 – April 4, 2002

On his tombstone, you see this. People see his birthday and the month, day and year he passed. When I look at this, I see the dash (-) in the middle. We often neglect to see the true meaning of this symbol when looking at tombstones. This symbol tells a story about a man’s life. It represents 55 years of being a good son, father,  wife, friend, brother, a mentor and a teacher. The dash, though it is so small in size, embodies the great things he has done for many people. He was always generous and unselfish, always thinking of others first before himself, loved his wife and 6 children, always had a great smile across his face and lights up a room full of people on dreary, winter day. His charisma and words captivates and inspires everyone around him. A big advocate of sports, particularly golf and tennis, and hot coffees in the morning, he hardly missed a day of work. He was courageous, tough, strict, but on the same token soft in the inside and a big cry baby when no one is looking. He was always full of wisdom. He knew always what the right thing to say and when to say it.

The dash is a symbol for a lot of things about my father. It is an epitome of his life and how rightly he lived it. He was a good man and I miss him. Dearly. More than anything, I miss our conversations.

Six years today… it seems as though it was just yesterday.-V 


Christina Hamilton Lake

awh Virgil…I just read about your father on your blog– I knew he had passed but I didn’t realize the anniversary of his death was the day before mine and Russell’s wedding–I would have given you an even bigger hug that day. I guess you can relate a lot to what Russell is going through now, I am so sorry for the both of you. What a legacy your father left behind–6 children, WOW! I didn’t know you had so many siblings. Just think of you and your new son as having one more angel up there looking down upon y’all. I’m sure your father is beyond proud of you Virgil.
Christina 🙂

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