Hello. Thanks for stopping by. I have wanted to start-up a blog to share my passion for documentary photography and the art and business that surrounds it with whoever’s willing to listen.

I am finalizing the wedding photographs of Latoya and Jason. I should be posting a slideshow showing some highlights of the day.

I am getting ready to start editing Meredith and Troy’s wedding and Layna and Darren’s.

October has been a crazy month. Three weddings, three engagement portrait sessions, 3 bridal portrait session. Yup, I should be spending time in front of my Mac pro during the next couple of weeks.


Virgil…Tabitha told me you were on here! So glad that I found you. I love all the pics you have taken. Can’t wait for you to do mine…that is, if it stops raining long enough! LOL! Well, I’ll see you on Tuesday…pray for NO rain!


I am so happy I figured this out.

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