12 Wedding Poses To Boost Your Print Sales $1k Every Month

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We are living in the digital age. An age where images are airdropped, downloaded, and texted – all electronically. We are asked to photograph weddings, engagement sessions, and family sessions only to send a gallery link for our clients to download their photos.

Today, I am challenging your current practice to tell you how you could possibly sell $6,000 worth of prints in one month after delivering a wedding gallery electronically. A photographer friend of mine has thanked me recently and said, “I have never made any more money than I’ve ever had because of these business techniques you have shared with me.”

The creative bride and groom shots are cool; it’s nice IG content and hopefully attracts more clients. It impresses people and they should be done at some point during the wedding.

BUT, these twelve poses are incredibly important and will entice both sets of parents and grandparents, aunties and uncles and friends and other wedding guests to buy prints from the wedding gallery after receiving their digital download link. Get the guide for free by signing up below.

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