Hello there,

I love that you are considering me to be your coach. I am very grateful for your interest.

When I started my business ins 2004, I wish I had someone to go to, to help me, to ask questions, to bounce ideas with, to review my portfolio, and to ask about gear and lighting, and weddings. I would have done anything to acquire the knowledge and information that I am about to share with you that will catapult you and your photography career to the next level.

I commend you for taking a very important step in your journey.


My main focus on this program is to help you create strategies and paths to achieve your goals. My goal is give you tactical advice and strategies that you can implement immediately that will bring you real results. Therefore, my coaching program is custom tailored to your needs and goals.

I am offering four types of mentoring sessions: an office-based business workflow and marketing session, an engagement session shoot, a bridal session, and a styled shoot.


Office-based business workflow and marketing session – $1000

• 4-hr session tailored to your needs including but not limited to website critique, how to book your ideal client, how to sell $2000- $3000 worth of products each month, Instagram and Facebook ads, Accounting and Bookeeping

Portfolio Review – $900

• 3-hr session on reviewing and critiquing your website, it’s ease of use and functionality. We will also do an in-depth look at your social accounts like Instagram, Facebook, blog, Pinterest and other social media accounts

Engagement Portrait Session – 90 minutes. $900

• I will book a true couple or models to teach you how to guide and pose couples in an engagement shoot and bring out their best and natural reactions. I will bring you to some of the popular engagement session spots in Charleston. I will teach you how I meter, rate and shoot film during my portrait sessions.

Bridal Portrait Session – 120 minustes. $1000

• I will book provide a bride or a model and teach how to guide and pose brides and how to get natural and relaxed photos of the bride. I will teach you how I meter and rate and shoot film during my bridals shoots.  I will partner with a top-rated florist to come up with a beautiful bouquet we can shoot as well.

Styled Shoots – 180 minutes. $3000

• I will partner with a wedding venue, florist, wedding dress designer, a rental company, a model bride and/or groom and teach you how I shoot wedding details and decor. We will also learn how to meter, rate and shoot film to try to simulate wedding day shooting techniques and challenges.

Full Wedding Day Shooting Critique – $9000 + travel

• This is a multi-day process. I will come with you at one of your weddings as your assistant. I will review and critique your process:  contracts, communication, wedding day planning, gear, wedding day shooting, back ups, editing, galleries, deliveries of the final product. We will review your social media game and teaser release and vendor image sharing strategies.  This program is very intense. It is an audit on your strengths and the areas you need improvement.

All digital shooters are welcomed.


I am here to help and serve you. We can go over your short and long term goals. I will give you tried and true tactical advice that you can implement now and get immediate results. Everything will be tailored to your needs. Reach out and email me if you’re interested.

Reach out.

The number one principle that rules my life is intention. Thought by thought, choice by choice, we are co-creating our lives based on the energy of our intention. When you're ready, hit me up. Fill in the contact form and let's get to it. Let's get you to your path to success.