The Truth About Wedding Insurance

Hello friend! I hope you are doing super well and staying healthy. Our blog and newsletter has been quiet since March. We’ve been sorta “consumed” by all the wedding rescheduling process that we had to navigate, home schooling and business and personal life things in general. We’re hanging in there and we remain positive and optimistic. We are all going to be ok. We just have to pivot and control what we can control.  Since March, we continue to make content for you that either give you value, educate your or entertain you. We had to put our newsletter and blogging in the back burner but we’ve been posting them and associated links on our main Instagram.  If you’ve been following my main weddings Instagram account, @virgilbunaophotography, thank you. That’s where I mostly post daily and weekly content. Speaking of which, we just dropped a podcast episode on wedding insurance and why we think, if you are planning a wedding, you should look into getting an insurance policy to cover your wedding investment in the event that your wedding gets postponed or cancelled due to an unforeseen event like hurricanes, or snow storm, flooding, deaths, etc. The podcast is a little long but it is full of information on why you need one and where you should begin your research. We went through the “getting an online quote” process on Wedsure‘s website ( On this website, we agreed that 2 important policies to have are a liability policy and a cancellation/postponement policy due to storms, hurricanes etc… This episode is not a professional advice. It is an opinion peace.  Please do your own research and see what wedding insurance policy fits you, your budget and your wedding.  I listed a few insurance companies that may or may sell you an insurance policy on the description.

The podcast is available on iTunes or your podcast app. The podcast is Conversations Over Sweet Tea. It is also available on one of our channels here: please hit like and subscribe and share this video.  Take a listen.



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