lindsay + matt | hitched

I love and adore these two, Dr. Lindsay and Mr. Matt Stewart. If you keep up with this blog or my tweets, i often touch on love and connection. That’s one thing that i look for in every couple when i take photographs of them. It is easier because love and excitement and zest naturally flows out in the open. I found that right away when Lindsay, Matt and I did their engagement session. They had an amazing love for each other. Their connection is so visible and that you could just tell that this one will last forever!

Anyhoo, with so many doctors at this wedding, i’ve never felt so safe 😉 It was definitely a blast working with Lindsay and Matt from day 1. I’ve been looking forward to this wedding and i am so stoked to get the images we were able to create.

We were able to work with the fabulous Cindy Zingerella and team of Engaging Event

Church: St Lukes Chapel

Reception: Rice Mill Building

Catering: Good Food Catering

Band: Flashback

Florist: Judy Johnston

Cake: Elaine Mincey

Charleston Wedding Photographers Virgil Bunao lindsay + matt | hitched  Charleston Wedding Photographers Virgil Bunao lindsay + matt | hitched

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much love and many blessing,