i’m working on a ton of stuff. To keep you blog followers and stalkers afloat, here’s an image of my son recently. I’m trying to grow his hair out like a rockstar, but his momma won’t let me 🙁

Leave me a comment, will ya? I love hearing from you.

Charleston Wedding Photographers Virgil Bunao Jacob

much love,


Jaime Kesler

Hey Virgil,
Haven’t checked in for awhile. Your stuff is amazing, as always, I can’t believe how big your little guy has gotten! He’s a doll! Hope you’re well out in SC.
Keep up the good work!


he is just adorable!!

Tracy Rhoney

Virgil, he is ADORABLE!! The picture is great, you are so talented. Jon and I are still trying to decide on what pictures we want. The ones that you captured of my neice Caroline are precious!

Arranged marriage, it is!

Christina H. Lake

Just when I tought Jacob couldn’t get any cuter…adorable! His hair looks cute too but he is so beautiful that if you let it get too long people may think he’s a little girl 😉 He’s gonna be a heart breaker..aftr he goes through that stage then maybe we can talk about an arranged marriage for him and Ella Grace. Good thing we have 20+ years before that day because at the rate you are working Virgil you are probably booked every weekend between now and then! 🙂

thanks dude!


He’s too freakin’ cute! 🙂

Thank you Pamela. Jacob is 19 months. Thank you for following my blog and for the kind words.

Your son is adorable. How old? Mine is 16 months and just started walking. Love following your blog. Your photography is an inspiration.

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