Ashlee and Brad . . . teasers

Here are a couple of images from Ashlee and Brad’s wedding this past weekend.
Charleston Wedding Photographers Virgil Bunao Ashlee and Brad . . . teasers
Charleston Wedding Photographers Virgil Bunao Ashlee and Brad . . . teasers
More to come soon. 

Off to Hilton Head this weekend to photograph Debbie and Josh’s highly anticipated wedding…

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Much love,
Virgil Bunao
CVI Photography & Co.


Lacey, stop denying. It was evident that Ashlee loves me more than you 🙂
I’ll take pictures of you and your hubby any day. Just give the studio a call and Lauren will get you on the books.


Virgil, these picture are AMAZING, you are AMAZING!!!! Wish I could have had you at my wedding!!!!!I will just have to drive you crazy, and have you take every other picture my husband and I want!! However, fyi, Ashlee does not love you more than me!!! You can’t beat half a lifetime baby, jk!!! 🙂

wow! You mean i’m above Lacey and Crystal 🙂 i meant Tiffany?

Ashlee Driggers

Virgil…. I just love you! Second to Brad of course!! Love the teaser… cant wait to see the rest!

thanks Ron. Yeah it was a great location and the lighting was just phenomenal. Cloudy. Even lighting. Awesome people too.


Great location for the shoot.

Sorry to have missed it.

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