Phoenix- recap

ok so i am officially back. Although i am not officially caught up with mountains of work that is sitting on my desk as i type this post, i thought i’d post something to keep you updated that i am still alive, well, and sane. I caught a bug somehow shortly after i got back so that held me back a little from doing anything. I am actually still recovering from it. I think it was caused by sleep deprivation prior, during and after my Phoenix trip. As you would probably notice on my post or my emails to you, i don’t sleep very much. This year, I hope to change that, though. I think age is catching up to me. After all, I am 32, officially. Since the 14th of January. Woop-ti-dee-doo!!!

My experience in Phoenix could be summarized into two words: ENLIGHTENED and INSPIRED. From my trip, I have grown not only as a person, but as an artist with a renewed focus in life. Relationships- that is the renewed focus. Old friends, family, business partners. The year 2009 to me is about establishing and maintaining relationships. My takeaways- old friendships retained and maintained, new friends i will definitely keep in touch with, a wealth of knowledge, new ideas and inspiration and a new direction and a focus for my life, both professionally and personally.
Charleston Wedding Photographers Virgil Bunao Phoenix- recap  Charleston Wedding Photographers Virgil Bunao Phoenix- recap

Cheers! -V

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