I always get excited about the New Year because it is usually connected with having new stuff and getting new stuff, like THE NEW BLOG!!! We just upgraded our system so i am stoked about the new website, the new look, the new blog etc. This new blog has a ton of cool, new features like the ability to control a lot of options on the back end like the background and colors. I also like the Twitter feature of it also. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, check out Based on twitter’s website, Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. More and more people are getting connected and staying connected, so check it out and maybe you’d love it. 

There’s a twitter plug for you.

At any rate, keep checking back because we’ve got lots of things to share. We’ve got Lauren posting on the blog now so you should be hearing a ton from us, almost everyday. Keyword- almost.

Much love,
Virgil Bunao
Charleston Wedding Photographer

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