Evolution. . . CVI Media Productions.


One expectation that we try to live up to here at CVI is that we are always evolving (or at least trying to) in a sense that in addition to our core talents and business, we strive to come up with ways to creatively document life’s beautiful moments.

Here’s something we’ve got cooking for the year 2009…. our first video, shooting with a home video camera! My ever loyal assistant, Calvin Wendlandt and I brainstormed with some ideas about filmmaking so he went out and shot Ashley and David’s wedding with me. Not so bad for our first one, using a handheld home video camera.

Ashley + David from Virgil Bunao on Vimeo.

Shortly, after this home-video wedding, we fell in love with the idea of cinematography- the concept of artistically and uniquely documenting life as it happens through high-definition video. Since then, CVI had invested in various state-of-the-art digital filmmaking equipment to capture and document life, hollywood-style.

Are we as a company switching to video now? no absolutely not. We love photography and the whole idea of connecting with people through our photographs. We simply added a new division- CVI Media Productions – to give clients options, choices and the one-stop shop idea of getting their special day documented with both mediums, photography and film.

As an added bonus, to better with our clients and our friends, fans and blogstalkers out there, our filmmaking resources will also allow us to post “video” posts on our blog instead of just images! Yes, that’s right, you’ll see me, Jacob, my wife Courtney Bunao, and the CVI crew on video from time to time acting silly, teaching, working or just plain living life and appreciating how beautiful life truly is. Yep, that also means that this blog will be more active than ever.

We’re sooooooo excited with our current venture so stay tune and see what we’ve been up to last month…