My Dad Rocks…

Jacob took his first plane ride to Wisconsin to visit his cousins and grandma and grandpa. He is now back! And he brought his 3 cousins with him for a visit.

Charleston Wedding Photographers Virgil Bunao My Dad Rocks...

Jacob was wearing this shirt when he woke me up Father’s Day morning. Isn’t he adorable? Am I just being biased? Or is he really adorable?

Write me a comment on what you think… be honest… no, wait… don’t be… just tell me the good stuff 😉


Elizabeth Johnson Harrison

Virgil…you are blessed to have him as your son and he is blessed to have such a cool dad!

That’s a great shirt on a sweet kid! (is Jacob sitting in a bumbo seat?) Luke’s got a “I got my muscles from my daddy” shirt. Should say I get my belly from my daddy but Erin’s an optimist I guess.

Thanks again for the photo session last Monday. Erin and I had a great time hanging with you. If ever I know of someone heading down to Charleston I’ll convince them of your talent and the photographic opportunity!

Talk to you soon,

Thanks Elizabeth. I thought it was just me being biased because he’s my son.

Elizabeth Johnson Harrison

I would have to say his shirt is right and I would have to say his dad is right too! He is sooo freaking adorable. That face is so soft and full, makes me want to kiss all over it! He has the most innocent eyes! Cutest baby ever!

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