Life is about falling… and getting back up…

It’s Monday.. I love Mondays…

I came across this clip somewhere and wanted to share with you.

There are times when we look our life- past and the present, we see setbacks, failures, hurdles and roadblocks. There are times when people convey disinterest and lack of confidence and support in our craft and in what we love and enjoy doing. There are times when we experience rejection- the worst feeling of all kind, i tell ya. Because of this phenomenon, we develop lack of confidence, self-doubt, self-pity. Our vision and our dreams that once were so near are now so far away and unrealistic.

But then, a true dreamer is a good believer. We get back up and do what we’re born to do. We rise and we believe again to prove the scenics and the pundits wrong. Life is about falling… and getting back up again.

When you fall, stop crying and get your [blip] up and do it again. Time’s a-wastin’!

Until next time, my friend- Virgil