Are you looking for a videographer for your wedding who will capture your special day on video? Or are you looking for a cinematographer who will tell your story through video? There’s a difference… I came across this trailer and it just gave me goose bumps and made me tear up a bit…

I don’t know these guys nor have I met them. And I don’t normally endorse any service or product unless I am absolutely in love with them… BUT these folks at Lorimerworks is the [blimping] shiznit!

Check it out…

It makes me want to get married again and hire them…

Thanks to Gene Higa, Top 10 Wedding Photographer in the Universe for posting on his blog.

Much love,

Virgil I. Bunao
Charleston Wedding Photographer


Courtney- i watch this trailer over and over and I am touched each and every time in different ways. Thank you for your comment. You’ve always been my biggest fan since the beginning. For that i am very grateful.


That video is like the Rocky theme song for all wedding photographers! It was awesome….
and on a totally unrelated note…Jacob is getting sooo handsome. Good job dad!

I saw this clip on Gene Higa’s blog and I thought I’d share. Many thanks to Gene for sharing it. It’s an awesome trailer. It inspires me each time i watch it


Thanks so much for sharing Lorimerworks with us. A beautiful work of art. I have shared it with everyone in the office today and find myself going back to it over and over again.

PS Love the picture of your little boy with the “My Dad Rocks” shirt.

Thanks Gene for your comment! Charleston IS beautiful. The beautiful people I work with here makes this town amazing. Next time you’re in town, holla, I’ll take you out.

BTW, you are very lucky to be shooting in such a beautiful city. I was just there shooting one in Boone Hall Plantation. Awesome venue. ~ keep rocking!

Anton is my number one referral. His art, his professionalism and his personality is what makes him a cut above the rest. My clients loved this highlights video and were in tears, so was I. I can’t stop watching this video. Thanks for posting this. It defiantly is a jaw dropper.

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