Defying Gravity

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Charleston Wedding Photographers Virgil Bunao Defying Gravity

So I don’t have any images to share today from my recent shoots since thousands of the images are still in the production process. However, I want to share something personal, some random thoughts to live by.

This year has been a whirlwind, having a baby, running a growing business, shooting some amazing weddings and portrait sessions and working with such fabulous clients. This year is also is a year to leap into the world of uncertainty. Some people who are close to me would argue, “that’s what you say every year.” But this year is particularly different.

Did you notice that there are times in our life that we just settle or we become complacent? – when we forget about our dreams and hopes when we were little and settle for what it is easy and “realistic?”

Often, we don’t follow our hearts and what feels good inside because we are busy pleasing other people instead of ourselves. We don’t gamble, try our luck, and take risks because we are scared. We are scared of failure, of embarrassment, of what people would say. And when we risk, we don’t put all of our cards on the table and risk everything. We risk enough. We risk what’s safe. We risk little because we don’t want “it” to be a mistake.

One day I read a quote from George Bernard Shaw: a life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent in doing nothing

Whether it’d be for love, career, or some other major event of our life, we stay safe. Why? Because we don’t want to defy gravity. We don’t want to be rejected. We don’t want to fail.

Well, I’ve played it safe since I was 5 when I didn’t want to jump in the pool because I was scared I might drown. Little did I know that defying gravity is possible and that all you have to do is paddle and swim up.

For me it is time. This is year is the year to defy gravity. On the face of adversity, there’s triumph on the other side. To get through the hills and valleys is all I need and I’m there. I will not fail. Failure is not an option. I will succeed. I will triumph over all adversity. I will defy gravity. The journey will not be easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it. After all, life is measured NOT by the number of breathes we take, but by the moments that take our breathes away.

With that I will leave you with this: do you have dreams? do you have a passion? what’s holding you back from living that dream? if there’s no tomorrow, what would you do today?

“Something has changed within me Something is not the same. I’m through with playing by the rules Of someone else’s game. Too late for second-guessing. Too late to go back to sleep. It’s time to trust my instincts. Close my eyes and leap. It’s time to try defying gravity… And you can’t pull me down… ” –Stephen Schwartz

Until next time – V