One of the coolest and most entertaining and most memorable wedding dances I’ve seen is Thryn and Gabe’s wedding dance with the wedding party. I meant to post this before, when Thryn gave me the Youtube link, but I never got around to sharing the video to you.

So here it is:

I commend Thryn and Gabe for putting this together. This was awesome. It is always inspiring to see couples take their wedding celebration to a whole another level to make it fun, enjoyable and memorable not only for the wedding party, but for the guests too.


Note: the wedding party had 2 days (approximately) to practice this dance before the wedding. Pretty impressive, huh?Can you get your wedding party to do that? Until tomorrow.-V

Joellen Pahs

that was AWESOME! I can’t believe they got everyone to agree to do that! That would be hard enough in itself! 🙂

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