Jacob is 2 months…

Jacob is 2 months this weekend. Wow, time flies…He is now 13 lbs. and several inches longer. He doubled his weight in 2 months! Man, Jacob, you need to lay off Daddy’s beer and steaks 🙂
He is quite a character- likes to smile, scratches his eyes at times, holds his bottle once in a while, falls asleep listening to Frank Sinatra’s “Summerwind”, cries when he’s hungry, wet or full of doo doo (ew!), and loves baths at 9pm followed by a back massage.We’re so happy to have him around. Life’s truly beautiful and I feel so blessed especially each time I look at him. Nothing is more fulfilling and moving than the smell of his breath, the twinkle in his eyes when he smiles, and the sound of his little tiny voice.

Charleston Wedding Photographers Virgil Bunao Jacob is 2 months...

Charleston Wedding Photographers Virgil Bunao Jacob is 2 months...

On the business note, the CVI Team is off to to take pictures and document Laura and Kent’s wedding today at The William Aiken House in downtown Charleston, Friday, April 25 and then tomorrow- Leslie and David’s wedding at Legend Oaks Country Club
It is going to be an action packed weekend and I’ll make sure to keep you posted. It takes me quite a bit to post a wedding because of the amount of work it takes, but I’ll work as fast as I can to keep you all updated.

Enjoy your weekend.



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