In my line of work, I often receive the generic words of appreciation after a long day of wedding coverage or a portrait session. The common words of thank you’s or “you did great!” or “you rock” or other words of gratitude are very familiar to me. My clients’ feedback and appreciation of my hard work and my art is very moving and inspiring. On the other hand, the occasional lack of feedback is also something I welcome and appreciate. After all no news is good news, right?

Today, I opened a letter from Mary Walker and Matt, two amazing clients and friends who tied the knot this past January. It was one of those letters of appreciation that I don’t get everyday. It was one of those letters that is very moving and inspiring.

And so it reads…

Dear Virgil-

It has been a whirlwind! Wow- it was Christmas- then the countdown to our wedding- then our move into our house. Although we have not talked directly to you [since then], we are constantly singing your praises. We could not have dreamed up a better photographer for our wedding and for the future. Virgil- you are a “tremendous!” part of our wedding memories. You not only take and create the most beautiful pictures, but you provide a calm voice- through any challenges- i.e. our rainy (wedding) day- and you just make it all fun!

You are a friend to us both- and we wish you the most success in your work. It will come easily and we will be happy to help you in any way that we can. You are one of a kind- and our families and friends saw evidence of that and have constantly reminded us as well- “that we found the best photographer!” Our wedding would not have been the same without you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

MW and Matt

What other wedding photographer would sit with the maid of honor after she got her car stuck in the mud- after working so many hours – practically the whole day? Only you. You are the best!

As a read this letter for the nth time, I am savoring every word. Needless to say, this letter means a lot to me. It moves me and touches me in many ways. This letter gives true meaning to my hard work and my art. It makes everything worthwhile. It is very rejuvenating and inspiring when I receive letters like these and it makes me realize I am actually doing something right and worthwhile and priceless. I am giving people something valuable that will last a lifetime. I am living a dream. In my own way, I am making a little difference in the world.

Much love,
Virgil Bunao
Charleston Wedding Photographer


thats for sure, dude

Louise Meade

Dear Mr. Bunao,

Here’s another little note of thanks…

You’ve captured the heart of someone who is extremely appreciatve and ecstatic over the gorgeous photos you have taken of a beautiful little girl, Olivia Grace Morris. I received my catalog this weekend. Thank you so much for
sharing her dazzling little smile with your clientele and me. You’re wonderful!

Olivia’s MiMi

Jaime Kesler

You’re great at what you do because you put your heart into it. Sure, you’re incredibly creative and you’re artistic, like a photographer should be. But the thing that really sets you apart, is how you shoot from the heart and you become friends with the ones you’re serving. You inspire me. Keep up the great work.
Jaime Kesler

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