Today I got to hang out a little bit with my nephew, Elliott and niece Emma and Ivory. Jacob was around and it was the first time Elliott and Emma met him. They were pretty stoked, I tell ya

 Charleston Wedding Photographers Virgil Bunao Hanging out...

Charleston Wedding Photographers Virgil Bunao Hanging out...

They love Ivory. They are always excited to see her.
Charleston Wedding Photographers Virgil Bunao Hanging out...   

I’m off to meet my CPA- David Jackson from Thiem, Jackson and Pace CPA’s PA to finalize my tax stuff that I have labored over the weekend. I tried to be as organized during the year 2007, but i still had to put some hours into getting my stuff together. Yuck… but it needed to be done. So, in the end, Courtney and I are looking to get some $$ back ( i hope ).

After my meeting in the morning, Courtney, Jacob and I are off to Atlanta for a mini vacation/business trip. I’m covering Virginia and Ryan’s wedding this saturday and we’re heading up early. I’m so stoked about this wedding because not only that I get to meet cool new people, I get to see my former client and friend, Thryn Lee AND Virginia again! Virginia was Thryn’s maid of honor and I am psyched that I have the opportunity to document her wedding in Atlanta. Can’t wait…

I’ve got some beautiful images to post later this week too of the Drake Family, Olivia and Kera and Dustin’s wedding ceremony. So stay tune… I’m still playing catch up.

It is 11:40pm, momma just fed the baby and he is zonked (sp) out! I’m going to take advantage and take a nap 🙂

– V

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