Charleston Wedding Photographers Virgil Bunao Meredith and Troy  Ok, I just finished editing Meredith and Troy’s wedding. After a total cumulative hours of 40, I am done. Finito. Whew! What a couple! The wedding turned out perfect! The weather was great. The ceremony was very solemn. And the reception… man oh man, that was fun. I enjoyed working with Meredith and Troy. Their entire friends and family were fantastic. I enjoyed talking and meeting everyone.Weddings like Meredith and Troy’s inspire me to keep going. There was just so much love and commitment in their relationship. I feel fortunate that I played a small role in documenting their special day.Check out their slideshow click here


What can I say? The pictures and video are great. You know a mother always loves pictures. You really never know how important pictures
are until you sit back and remember all the good times surrounding them. Just wanted to say thanks for all you did in covering the wedding
so wonderfully. We have had so many people tell us how great you were and how hard you worked that night. I honestly feel that you
didn’t miss a thing that went on. I know it’s your job, but you can really tell that you put your all into it and it shows. Thank you again for
making this a memorable occasion that will always stay fresh in our minds because of you diligent work. Keep up the good work. Thanks
again–Jo Fogle


I wanted you to know how very pleased we are with the pictures – you did an outstanding job and I love the slide show!!!!!!!!!! Lots of our
friends have soooo enjoyed them all – had never seen such awesome pictures and the things you had done Etc.

I can’t wait to start putting my book together – Meredith and Troy are coming Thanksgiving and she thought she would have the proofs so I can

kind of lay them all out and make some tough choices for my album you are doing.
The slide show did give me a good idea of how you will put together and what to look for when I am picking.
Thank you so much for the great time and effort that you put into making this event the best and that we will be able to have memories in pictures to last a life time.

If you every need a referral – please know that any one in this wedding party and family will highly recommend you and your work- you were such a joy to be around!

Look forward to the portraits and albums

Hope your business continues to do well and grow in Charleston and the area that you wish to cover.

Thanks again

Vincie Barber! (Troy’s mom)

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