Layna and Darren

Charleston Wedding Photographers Virgil Bunao Layna and Darren  When I first met Layna and Darren, I knew there was something special about this couple. Their commitment to each other and their love were very visible.The ceremony was at Alhambra Hall, under the Oak Tree. The reception was held in the hall. The whole celebration was wonderful despite of the fact that it poured for an hour.Needless to say, the couple were stressed out before the ceremony. Poor thing.The ceremony was moved inside. The rain stopped pouring and the sun came out, luckily, just in time for the formals of the wedding party. Whew!I was sweating bullets. There was not a place indoor (not pretty enough) to do the formals. I was soooooo glad the rain stopped pouring.The nats came out of nowhere and started flying all over, but I didn’t care. I stayed focused and finished the job.Aaahhh… 15 minutes with the wedding party and 12 minutes with Layna and Darren and we were off to the Hall.Layna and Darren held it together that day. No adversity could have stopped them that day. No rain or bad weather could have got them down. It was their wedding day and dammit they were going to get married.I love that! My commitment to this industry and profession is renewed whenever I see such commitment and devotion.Enough chat from me. Check out the show… Click Here PS– I give Stacey Fraunfelter, from Red Letter Events, a two thumbs up on this wedding. I’ve never seen a wedding planner so devoted and so committed to her work. Stacey was an amazing, hardworking woman. If you are planning a wedding, you would want Stacey on your side.